About MYLMumbai


MYLMumbai started back in 2014 with a vision of imparting quality education to the people of Mumbai, particularly in coaching students for their IELTS preparation. Our founder/owner did not speak English as her first language until 2008, but since then, she has devoted herself to enhancing her skills and mastery of the English language. Through all of those achievements, we are inspired by her to become motivated to pursue providing the finest possible English language education within an exciting and joyful environment.

We highly value the quality of education that we provide, and thus we make it a point to always follow a syllabus by United Kingdom-based IELTS examiners who are proven to be effective. Currently, our passing rate for our students is at 100%, and we intend to keep it that way, without any compromises. This is done through our extensive student support wherein our educators provide flexible learning schedules where students can have language class access in either the morning or at night. We also offer our services without any registration fees needed so as to make it easier for any student to enrol with us. Most of all, we make our IELTS preparation package affordable as we want to reach as many students as possible. One can avail our top-notch IELTS preparation syllabus starting from Rs 6000 only.

Our vision is to inspire and motivate any student who wishes to learn the English language and eventually pass the IELTS. With our help, any student will be able to achieve that momentous feat that will truly change their lives forever. English is undoubtedly the universal language, and learning it will give you more power for your everyday ventures and dealings.

Our mission is to give better access to good English education especially to those students who would like to take IELTS in Mumbai. We concentrate on this area but our IELTS preparation centre is always open for others, just hop on a train and stop at the train station near Mira Road and you will find us. We don’t want English language education to be hard for anybody; that is why we placed our education centre at the heart of the city where everyone can have easier access.

All in all, we offer English classes for IELTS preparation to everyone. Whatever need you may have, may it be for studying abroad, for immigration purposes, for employment or on any other purpose, MYLMumbai is just around the corner to help you out.


Our Founder

Shwetali Machado.

Shwetali Machado is from our very own Mumbai and has completed her TEFL/TESOL certification. She is one of the founding partners of MYLMumbai. After graduating from the University of Mumbai in History, she moved into the management consulting industry. In 2014 she went on to co-found MYLMumbai and has been working as an English language trainer ever since. She is also exceptionally well versed in the education sector and has counselled and many students regarding education options abroad.